Create Stunning Fonts on Your Mac

Make everything from dingbat webfonts to full-fledged text typefaces in the most Mac-like font editor

Sketch your font

Sketch your font

Take a pencil and sketch a few letters. With a few tricks, you can easily digitize your sketches, and, step by step, create a full-fledged OpenType font.

More on sketching
Tools for type

Tools for type

The smart vector tools are optimised for the design of typefaces. Interpolated nudging, curvature control, dragging multiple handles at once, adding extrema and inflections, batch editing: all supported straight out of the box.

More on drawing
All languages covered

All languages covered

Human-readable glyph names, combined with smart component placement, automatic alignment of diacritics, mark positioning, and Unicode support, make Glyphs the number one choice for multilingual font development.

More on diacritics
Isolation no more

Isolation no more

Watch your words take shape in high resolution: The edit view doubles as a text editor, allowing you to draw, edit, space and kern your glyphs in a word context rather than isolated in windows.

More on intuitive editing
Colors everywhere

Colors everywhere

Why stay monochromatic? Add color to your typographical life with the built-in multi-layer preview and specialized editing tools. Glyphs can export layer fonts, Microsoft-style color webfonts or Apple-style emoji fonts.

More on color fonts
Effortless OpenType

Effortless OpenType

Enjoy automatic OpenType features: Glyphs analyzes your glyph names and shapes, and can auto-build feature code for ligatures, figure sets, positional forms, localizations, fractions, stylistic sets, small caps, and many more.

More on OpenType Features
Photo of Viktoriya Grabowska

Ever since I have switched to Glyphs, I have more time for my family.

Viktoriya Grabowska type designer and teacher, University of Arts, Poznan
Photo of Andreu Balius

Glyphs provides great support for complex writing systems, which makes designing multi-script fonts really easy.

Andreu Balius Type Republic
Photo of Ann Bessemans

I notice that my students find Glyphs much easier to use. They pick up most of it immediately.

Ann Bessemans type designer, researcher and teacher
Photo of Joana Correia

Glyphs makes the process of publishing high-quality fonts easy for independent foundries like mine.

Joana Correia Nova Type Foundry
Photo of Claus Eggers Sørensen

Just generated 54 fonts with over 26,000 glyphs in less than a minute using Glyphs. That’s pretty epic.

Claus Eggers Sørensen type designer
Photo of Shoko Mugikura & Tim Ahrens

Glad we switched to Glyphs. Feels like flying business class instead of economy.

Shoko Mugikura & Tim Ahrens Just Another Foundry
Photo of Alessia Mazzarella

Glyphs constantly introduces new useful features, accommodating designers’ needs. I am excited about new developments for South Asian scripts.

Alessia Mazzarella type designer
Photo of Alex Lucas

After using Glyphs, the pen tool in Illustrator feels like carving a chicken with a chainsaw.

Alex Lucas type designer
Photo of Nadine Chahine

There have been three major technological breakthroughs for Arabic type: Unicode, OpenType—and Glyphs.

Nadine Chahine Arabic type and legibility expert
Photo of Mark Simonson

I am continually astonished at what a well-thought-out, well-designed piece of software Glyphs is.

Mark Simonson type designer
Photo of Ben Mitchell

The UI is so much cleaner, and you can actually see what you are doing!

Ben Mitchell Fontpad
Photo of Ulrike Rausch

Since I have started using Glyphs, font production is way more fun. It has never been so easy to get the last production steps right.

Ulrike Rausch LiebeFonts
Photo of Martina Flor

Working with monoline designs and masters in Glyphs is awesome. It’s all there, no need for add-ons or app switching.

Martina Flor letterer and designer
Photo of Sahar Afshar

It doesn’t make sense to design Arabic in anything but Glyphs. I like showing people who don’t use it how much simpler their lives can be.

Sahar Afshar type designer and researcher
Photo of Ale Paul

You just rock.

Ale Paul Sudtipos
Photo of Toshi Omagari

Glyphs has loads of killer features that satisfy newcomers and veterans alike. I can’t work without it anymore.

Toshi Omagari Monotype
Photo of Liron Lavi Turkenich

The interface is convenient and easy to use. And more than that, I find the support from the people behind Glyphs incredible: no question unanswered, no matter unattended.

Liron Lavi Turkenich type designer
Photo of Gerry Leonidas

The integrated work model of Glyphs makes a difference in the learning curve of new designers, and their rate of work.

Gerry Leonidas University of Reading
Photo of Erin McLaughlin

The Devanagari workflow is so much easier. I am saving weeks, if not months, of time.

Erin McLaughlin Font Wala

Pro Tools in Your Hands

Saving you from the mindless side of font production

Interpolation unchained

Interpolation unchained

Up to three axes, any number of font masters, independent layers, glyph-based alternate and intermediate masters: You can do it all in Glyphs. Easily switch between masters, control outline compatibility and style linking, and generate a whole family in one go.

More on Multiple Masters
Mark attachment done right

Mark attachment done right

No more time-consuming fiddling with feature code: Glyphs can build the mark attachment features automatically for you, and even interpolate positions.

More on Mark Attachment
Full control batch processing

Full control batch processing

Custom Parameters allow you to precisely steer what happens at the production stage. You always work in your design file, keep overlaps, and Glyphs takes care of the rest, using your parameters to build the installable font file.

More on Custom Parameters
Radicals rethought

Radicals rethought

Letter parts or CJK radicals that re-appear in other glyphs, can be interpolated in place with Smart Components. This way, you can adjust the shape of the part without losing its stroke and contrast.

More on Smart Components
Take a hint

Take a hint

Improve your font’s screen appearance with the built-in autohinter. Or manually hook up PostScript hints and TrueType instructions to your outlines. In Multiple Master files, hints in the first master are automatically copied to compatible masters.

More on hinting


Third-party plugins such as Yanone’s amazing SpeedPunk, Python script libraries, and XML for alternate glyph data: extending and modifying the app’s functionality is a snap. With the freely available SDK, you can even roll your own.

More on extending